Located at the end of a valley adjoining the slope of the land on the north, the farmhouse is composed of the main house, a cottage and a small annex which together dominate the valley that precedes it. The annex, which originally had ground floor and first floor, has been detached from the main building in order to create a single construction. The gap between the house and the new cottage is part of the surrounding garden on the upper level, while the ground floor is used for the distribution hall designed with a vaulted ceiling where all parts of the complex are connected. Large glazed openings on each side provide the space with natural light and make it a path through it following the path of arrival to the farmhouse. The three single volumes suggest the image of the typical huts common in this region. The new cabana contains a bedroom, a bathroom and a dressing room that communicate with a staircase to the lower floor. Corten steel folded sheets of different dimensions cover the entire exterior of the cabana in a reminiscent manner of the huts scattered among the fields that farmers use to store their tools.  New cabana and accesses to a countryhouse, La Garrotxa, 2004