The horizontal corner plot sits on top of a slope, as a vantage point from which to enjoy superb views towards the agricultural plain that extends to their feet towards the towns of Salt and Girona. It is therefore an exceptional site that claims of an intervention that recognizes the attributes of the place and puts them in value. The house is conceived as an airtight and silent volume that seems to emerge directly from the original profile of the hill, like a fortress which dominates the landscape. The volume itself is enclosed and protected from the built environment using a broken geometry of the thick walls. The exterior walls that embrace the indoor space as well as the courtyard create a private world where the gaze is only focused to what lies far in the distance. The use of concrete gives weight, mass and texture to the object, which is necessary to provide coherence to the idea of an independent piece.   House in Montfullà, Girona 2008-2013