The project seeks to reorganize a courtyard of a house in the old town of Olot, recovering mainly the access and space to the back of the house in order to locate a study. Also part of the extensive program to be located within the very limited space of 6 x 5m is a sauna with a shower, a laundry room and a skylight to provide natural light to the lower level.
The intervention in the courtyard is based on the premise to release the old façade by removing all current volumes and relocate a new volume suspended on a higher level in the space of the background, so that the floor of 30m2 is practically recovered as a free surface. The gap created between the old house and the studio is perceived as an interior space open to the sky.
The rough texture of the existing façade of volcanic stone, the chaotic environment with several small constructions, chimney pipes and water tanks are opposed to the extreme purity of the glass pannel that covers the facade of the study, reflected in it. Such architectures from different periods creates a reciprocal dialogue that enriches each of them.  Interior courtyard, Olot, 2001