The fishshop occupies a small store in the municipality of Sant Joan les Fonts with two clearly separated spaces. The store is open to the street façade and contains a large central counter and two freezers two meters long each. The cold room, an office and a small restroom are located in the back of the store. The interior is designed as a simple neutral box with aluminum cladding of silver panels that give the store a clean and fresh environment with a nod to the color of fish. The change of ceiling height visually marks two areas, which correspond on one hand to the counter area and on the other to the freezers that are placed along the wall exempt from the main space. Being the counter the important piece in a fishshop, the approach aims to be a reference to the daily experience of what way you put fresh fish on sale. The counter design evokes the image of simple fish stalls at auction and at markets down by the port, where a board resting on two sawhorses simply serves to support the boxes containing the fish. The desk with a stainless steel tray on top that shows the fresh product, a raised dais soil and a cabinet attached to the back wall are the three functions that make up a single–built element accented by white color ceramics that covers it entirely.