Located in the heart of Madrid, in the Salamanca district, the fashion store occupies the corner of an apartment building in Calle Jorge Juan, with a total surface of 175 square meters. The rich textures Lluís Generó uses in the design of the clothing was the starting point for designing a space created from folded sheet metal which extend along the interior walls of the store. Arranged in juxtaposition and suspended from the ceiling these vertical steel panels reinforce the idea of a fabric in an abstract expression. Along with the metal ceiling of a fine mesh deployee and continuous concrete pavement, all elements form a rich space of contrasts where the dominant metallic silver color unifies them all in order to give prominence to the fashion of Lluís Generó. The entrance from Jorge Juan street, on the narrow side of the store was conceived as a large black metal frame, which simultaneously serves as a showcase. The whole front is glass and opens onto the street where everyone has a full view of the interior and, vice versa, the fashion store seems to be part of the public life around. All clothing and accessories are exhibited solely between the vertical panels, allowing the store to enjoy a wide open space with only two counters specially designed for their purpose.