The studio of graphic and industrial design occupies a space of only 30m2 located in the town of Bera de Bidasoa in Navarra. The minimum budget and the idea of self –construction by the designers themselves, are the reason for optimizing resources but mainly adequar the space available to ensure smooth operation of the studio.
The method of incorporating sliding dividers that open or close as is required, has been key to organizing the space in different areas and give the flexibility to adapt them according to the work being done at the time in each zone. The sliding dividers work as a filter between zone and zone thanks to the perforated metal sheet that softens the opacity and let passing light.
The project defines the existing surrounding as a dark box in which all the parameters including a black rubber floor are of black color in order to set in contrast an abstract white volume composed by the working surfaces, the board on the wall, the fals ceiling and the sliding dividers. The whole detached white shaped volume is floating in the space without touching the ground.