CRAM Foundation is an organization dedicated to the protection of the environment and the species that inhabit it. Its main activity is the clinic and rescue of endangered marine species that vary in the biscay coast, for reindroducción back to their habitat. The Foundation carries out, in addition, several lines of work in conservation, research and training, all accompanied by social awareness campaigns on the state of the marine environment and its problems. The CRAM has a rescue center and technical and human resources assistance prepared especially for marine species
The project for the new CRAM foundation’s facility is located in the municipality of Plentzia in Bizcaia. A unique, pioneering center in the northern coast of Spain, which activities are based on the knowledge of the first CRAM in Catalonia. The center develops three basic guidelines which are the clinical and marine animal rescue, the conservation and research and the education and social awareness campaigns.
The design of a 40x40m square volum with a hight of 4.5m high will form the basis from which a translucent prism of three storeys rises that interacts with the surrounding landscape like a landmark overlooking the banks of Butroi Ibaia river directly towards the town on the other side of the river.
Being situated within the marshes it endows the building a privileged place for the immediate observation of the species that inhabit it.
The tectonic base made of on site concrete contains both the clinical and recovery part with necropsies rooms / postmortem studies and the administration offices and as well as the public spaces for the entire guidance program.
The recovery areas with different types of pools for each species of animals are located on its roof terrace.
The stereometric volume hosts the educational program that takes place in classrooms and multipurpose rooms distributed by the three floors with the possibility of access to an observation deck on the top floor