Reflecting on dance spaces en general it becomes clear that each era of different styles of music has inspired a design on its own for these facilities.
Undertaken by the promoters of the Apolo which is one of the most legendary nightclubs in Barcelona , the new concert hall La [2]  will differ from other venues and will become a small alternative music and dance club with some film sessions. Except some disco sessions, most programming is essentially devoted to live music concerts of more intimate caracter giving an opportunity to minority labels and promoters. The solution adopted in this project focuses on emphasizing an environment where listening to music is not only the most relevant goal but play it should help the artist to feel as comfortable as possible in an environment tailored to their needs of identification. With no mislead from the true sense of the new club, the image conveyed by it is that of an alternative recording studio such as a garage, workshop or basement. Thus the focus on the design of decoration and the choice of materials used are characteristic of this type of premises.